Pinga Agro Investment Limited
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Vision Statement

Updated Nov 07 2018 02:11 pm


To be a leading innovative and profitable agribusiness company known for quality products.


To be a foremost agribusiness company and a major player in any market or part of any value chain we operate in, while we support our community and environment.


Respect: Our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and with one another shall be based on mutual respect.

Integrity: We will deal with everyone based on integrity and this will reflect in all our services and products. 

Customer Centric: We are in business because of our customers. They are therefore the most important stakeholder in our business.

Care: We will always show that we care in all that we do. This care will be expressed in our relationship with our customers, our employees, our environment, our community and in our work.

Quality: We will strive to make our products to exceed set standards.

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